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After Katrina Kaif Now Compliments the ' Gully Boy ' of these Celebs

Zoya  Akhtar's Gully boy has also been on the box office in his second week and the joy has doubled since Bollywood celebrities have also been bursary their love on the film. Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor, Ritesh Batra and actress Maui Roy shared their responses after watching the film Alley Boy directed by Zoya  Akhtar.
While praising the Gully boy, filmmaker Ekta Kapoor wrote on his official Twitter handle, I saw Zoya  Akhtar's film Alley Boy, I can't tell me how much he liked. This is the best story of the year. Unity Kapoor was not stopped, the filmmaker wrote in another tweet, saying that I don't like the movie, I like most commercial movies. I didn't think that alley boy is such a good movie.
The Gully boy has blown the senses of actress Maui Roy. After watching the film, she could not stop herself from expressing her delight, sharing her thoughts with the actress, I watched the film, I liked it. Its story, songs, artists are all the best.
In his upcoming film Photographer's campaign, after watching Mashle director Ritesh Batra, sharing his experience on the official Twitter handle, all the performers in the film have performed the best. I was very happy to see the film. Actress Katrina Kaif also posted a story on her instagram while praising her director friend Zoya  Akhtar
The Gully Boy is a story inspired by the slum rappers of Dharavi. Early reviews from the trailer, music and screening at the Berlin Film Festival, Zoya  Akhtar had made the audience curious about the film. Zoya  Akhtar, who has been one step ahead of his time with his previous release Luck Boy, his life-beating back and heart, is now making a box office splash with the Gully boycott.
For the first time, actor Ranvir Singh, who looks on the big screen with Alia Bhatt, is playing the role of a Gully rapper in the film. In the film, The theory Chaturvedi and Kalthat Cablin are also important roles. This film is directed by Zoya  Akhtar, produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby. The Gully Boy & released on February 14, 2019 last Thursday, has gained immense love and appreciation from the public.

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