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In the Assembly, the Lokpal Bill, Which Would Have Been Passed by Manish Sisodia, Was Completed in Delhi

Manish Sisodia

The deputy chief minister said in the Delhi assembly on Tuesday that if Delhi had got the full state status, the Lokpal bill would have been passed here. The claim of Sisodia has been endorsed by CM Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal said, Delhi is currently facing the challenge of being a semi-state. He said, the people of Delhi are paying income tax of over Rs 1.5 lakh crore and Delhi only received Rs 534 crore from the centre.
CM Kejriwal said, Delhi pays the highest income tax after Mumbai but it receives only Rs 534 crore from the centre while Uttar Pradesh receives Rs 1.5 lakh crore and some states get Rs 10 lakh crore. He described it as "persecution" and said that Delhi would become a full state and it would be abolished. Kejriwal had announced that he would sit on indefinite fast from March 1 to Delhi demanding full statehood but he postponed it to the perspective of the prevailing situation between India and Pakistan.
 When Sisodia asked what was his biggest regret in five years, he replied that he could not bring a full state status to Delhi. In his Budget speech, Sisodia said, corruption would have been eliminated if Delhi had received a full state status. "If Delhi was a full state, the Lokpal bill would have been passed in Delhi within two months of becoming a government," he said. For which the country saw a great movement.

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