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Rahul Will Communicate With Delhi Students On Saturday

Rahul Gandhi

In the wake of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has a considerable thrust on farmers, laborers, youth and small businesses. He is constantly raising the issue of employment and education for the youth. Many have been constantly signaling that youth and their associated issues – employment and higher education, are not only prominent in their arms, but also the point of giving a roadmap for him. With all these, Rahul has started communicating with different sections of society. In this link, he is going to take a dialogue program called ' education-condition and direction ' with all the students of Delhi in Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, in which he will be a ruler of about five thousand students who read in different institutions of Delhi.

For this, students from Delhi University, IIT Delhi, Delhi Colleges, JNU, IP University and Jamia Millia Islamia University have been summoned. According to sources, even though the original point of the event is education, nationalism and national security will also be an important issue. It is said that the program  will be started by paying homage to the martyred Jawans in Pulwama attack. Moreover, a music group of youth will give his presentation on this occasion. In the same art, an artist who showcases his art will keep the state of the country's existing educational system in front of him.

It is noteworthy that Rahul Gandhi had lunch with a few businessmen from all over the country, before Rahul met with a student from different cities of India at the Chinese dinner. It is said that the exercise of Rahul's side is aimed at understanding the problems of the common people and giving them this voice and suggestions in their forthcoming vision.

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