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Vidya Balan Will Never Work With Sajid Khan Now

Vidya Balan Will Never Work With Sajid Khan Now
Vidya Balan

The film actresses have been keeping their opinions on the Mumbai #MeToo campaign once. Film actress Vidya Balan told reporters in a special interview in Mumbai that she will never work with Sajid Khan again in life. Vidya Balan has clearly refused to work with Sajid Khan in the future. Stating the reason behind this, Vidya says Balan, "Sajid Khan did not try to understand women in the last days when many women of the country came forward to speak of sexual harassment with them, and many Bollywood women spoke of sexual harassment and abuse by Sajid Khan, which he said was a  The behavior also reveals the ' l '

Significantly, Sajid Khan is going through bad times these days and more than two women have accused them of sexual harassment, which led to a lot of criticism on social media, and they were also excluded from the film Housefull 4. However, Sajid Khan has ruled out these allegations that Vidya Balan has worked with Sajid Khan in the film "Hey Baby."

When actress Tanushree Dutta raised the issue of the #MeToo campaign, many actresses gave their voices a lot of information. The names of many veteran artists have also come to the fore, and they have had to wash their hands with the project.

Speaking of films, former Andhra Pradesh chief minister, actor and filmmaker Nandamuri Star Rama Rao, the film ' kathanayakudu ' on the Life of N T Rama Rau will be released on 9th January next year but it will be just part of the film.