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Daily Eat Tomatoes, Liver Cancer Will Keep You Safe

Daily Eat Tomatoes, Liver Cancer Will Keep You Safe

A new study report shows that consuming more of tomatoes reduces the risk of getting liver cancer. These new studies have been performed on mice. According to the study report, tomatoes are found to have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cancerous destroying properties of lycopene. All these things in tomatoes cause inflammation of the liver, risk of cancer and other problems.

Xiang-Dong Wang, professor at the U. S. Tufts University, said, with raw tomatoes, lycopene is found to be abundant in products made from tomato sauce, ketchup, juices and tomatoes.

During the study, we also found that tomato powder plays a very important role in keeping liver cancer safe, he said. According to him, raw tomatoes are found in vitamins-E, vitamin-C, folate, minerals, phenolic compound and dioxide fibers.

The study has been published in the Cancer Prevention Research Journal. The study said that feeding tomato powder to mice led to the growth control of bacteria causing inflammation in the body. The mice involved in the study were infected with liver karsinojen. He was then given a high fat diet.

The addition of tomatoes is also known as lycopene in guava, watermelon, papaya. But the amount of lycopene in these things is less than tomatoes. Foods rich in lycopene such as tomato and tomato are also less prone to cancer, including heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, lungs, breast and stomach etc.

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