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PM Modi Gets Clean Chit From Poll Commission On "Nuclear Button" Remark

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given a clean check by the commission these days - his third in 3 days - for his comment that Republic of India too has nuclear weapons and doesn't care regarding Pakistan's threats. The comment, the commission same, doesn't violate the Model Code of Conduct - a collection of dos and don'ts for political parties and also the government prior elections.
Highlighting the party's national security theme at a rally in Rajasthan's Barmer, the Prime Minister had jeered at Asian country.
"India has quit the policy of being afraid of Pakistani threats... Else, each different day they proclaimed, 'We have nuclear button, we've nuclear button'. therefore what can we have then? area unit those being saved for Diwali?" he had same.
His remarks were vehemently panned by the opposition, that same it had been "boastful" and "irresponsible".
The Congress's Anand Sharma same such statements "point to the growing desperation" of the BJP. "Prime Minister's braggy claims of being prepared for a nuclear missile attack on Asian country and North American nation intervention area unit uncalled for and not in interest of national security," he tweeted.
The commission was asked by the Supreme Court these days to expedite their call on the unfinished complaints against PM Modi and BJP chief Amit crowned head. The court has given it time until Mon.
The Congress, whose charm was being detected by the highest court, has contended that altogether, elevencomplaints area unit unfinished against the Prime Minister and adult male crowned head. The Commission, that resolved the third criticism these days, has eight a lot of to travel.
The Commission has asked for time until Wed, spoken communication it's its hands full with conducting the elections and complaints against different leaders, however the court refused a bigger window.

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